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Bartender for hire miami

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Bartender for hire miami

Miami is one of the top destinations for parties in this world. With new hot spots popping up all over the city, South Beach is no longer the reigning king of all parties. That is why bartender for hire miami is always a good idea. The new businesses coming into Miami are helping the city thrive and there are many hot spots to choose from no matter what part of the city you reside in or desire to visit. For some people who come to Miami they also choose to host their own parties in their hotels and high rise suites. What better place to have a party than a presidential suite in a high rise with views of the beautiful Miami city and Atlantic Ocean? Many of our clients choose to host their own private parties in their suites and hire us since they know what to expect from our services. We provide Flair bartenders, mixologists or even traditional bartenders depending on what your needs are for your event and we do our best to work within your budget while providing world-class professional service. During the weekend Raul could be seen at top of one of the high rises mixing up drinks for a corporate party with some amazing flair skills. After a large convention our clients hosted an invitation only party for some of the potential clients they met during the trade show. A private party in a suite is a great way to get a relaxed vibe so people can begin to mingle and in turn build relationships that may result in better communication, resulting in bigger business deals and stronger partnerships. In order to get the guests at the party to start loosening up Raul welcomed them with a delicious specialty cocktail created by our head mixologist and continued to make drinks throughout the night while entertaining the guests with flair. Everybody loved going to the bar to see the show and they raved about the party as being one of their best nights in Miami.


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  • May 28, 2018
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