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Virtual bartender

Virtual bartender

Our company is no exception to those who have turned to virtual means to continue business as almost usual in 2020. We launched a new program in which we host virtual bartending events and they have been a hit. Whether you are having a zoom party for friends or a virtual gathering of employees for meetings or team building, we can help you create the perfect virtual party that you will all love. Our famous mixologist  will help you create a cocktail menu teach everyone how to make their own favorite cocktails in a very fun way so you can all indulge together (virtually). Let’s party like it’s 2020!

Meet Vlad SlickBartender

 I started bartending really early and quickly fell in love with flair entertainment. Hard work and dedication helped me win over 50 international bartending competitions and 4 World Finals. 

I worked in top bars in Las Vegas. Taught thousands of students around the World,  and now super happy to provide the amazing experience online. I’m obsessed with building and creating delicious cocktails and entertain people while I’m mixing it. 

I’m one of the biggest cocktail YouTubers who specializes in creating content about the world of bartending, mixology, home cocktails, and more. My channel on Youtube has more than 400,000 subscribers, and Tik Tok more than 1,5 million subscribers and I’m an owner of one of the biggest bartending schools in the US. 

Prepare to be inspired and spellbound as we go on an epic 60 virtual journey through my cocktail world. This isn’t your average home drink experience. Get ready to be impressed by Las Vega’s best flair bartending entertainment along with mixing delicious cocktails from multiple times world champion bartender. 

Join me in the magic Zoom bar where you will take part in a mind-blowing cocktail show with your favorite alcohol ingredients turn into delicious cocktails, as you’ve never seen before! 

I’ll share with you based on a few different cocktails how to be a professional mixologist and get confident when you make your own drinks. 

Besides cocktails, we will have a lot of fun learning some of my favorite bar tricks that you could use to impress your friends and family while making cocktails. 

This experience is great for team-building if you’re looking to reconnect with colleagues while working from home, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and to connect with your family and friends, even if in different homes!

There are two main options: 

№1 —enjoy the cocktail class from the comfort of your couch or bed.

№2—go to your kitchen and make cocktails along with me.

Either way, I’m excited to meet you!


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  • Date July 7, 2015
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