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Our second in a row event in Hawaii! Delicious Mai Tai all evening from SlickBartender crew.

Bartender for special events Hawaii

We all know that Hawaii is one of the best destinations that anyone can decide to visit if they want to be able to enjoy a great vacation on the beach and with some of the best resorts that are available in a paradise type of location. At we have been honored to be invited as the main attraction for parties and events as flair bartenders. We served Mai Tai’s all night long and we provided the kind of flair that made every night when we worked in Hawaii completely unforgettable for every person that was there. We had people asking for drinks and watching us perform very difficult tricks and they had a blast because we had a blast.

If you ever want to have the best private bartender in your event or party, you need to look no further than out prestigious team of skilled mixologists and flair masters that will make the serving of a drink a completely different experience. We have bartenders for hire that have the kind of personality that will bring a smile into anyone’s face. Our experience in all kinds of events has allowed for us to sharpen our skills in the way that we perform our flair and how we engage the audience that is watching us.

Flair bartending is something extremely special because it takes a very unique and outgoing personality to be able to keep people happy and entertained for hours while you are mixing drinks and performing tricks. The right balance of the amount of work and the mount of entertainment is extremely important in order for a bartender to do this job well. This is the kind of quality that you can always expect from any bartender that you hire from us.

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  • Date February 12, 2015
  • Tags Events

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