Bartenders convention


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Bartenders convention
The team at Slick Bartender has felt that being able to share some fun times with other people who share the bartending profession and this is the main reason why we always love working at bartending shows. We worked the Fabbri booth during the Bar & Nightclub show and we had a blast performing some of our best tricks and making sure that people enjoyed every single minute of our show.
There are all kinds of events that allow for bartenders to showcase their skills, but when you have an event that allows for all the talented bartenders to gather and showcase their abilities, this give you an opportunity to see what other talented flair bartenders are doing. The best thing is that the community is very friendly and everyone is happy to see other bartenders having success.
This was a very fun time for us and we feel that this kind of event allows for all the people involved in the industry to actually have a chance to evolve and see what exciting new tricks are being performed. That is the kind of thing that helps any industry grow and flair bartending is finally taking the rightful place that it deserves as a legitimate entertainment service.
We are always ready for any events that allow us to show what we have to offer as bartenders, baristas and flair entertainers. If you want to get to know about the services that we offer, we would love to answer any questions you might have. We have always worked hard to make sure that all of our clients are 100% satisfied with the services that we have to offer.

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  • Date December 23, 2014
  • Tags Events

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