Bodybuilding EXPO flair performance

Project Description

Bodybuilding and expo flair performance
Since this was a bodybuilding event, the focus was on nutrition and specifically on the GTnutrition booth. This was all about the great supplements and protein shakes that they have to offer and the amazingly sculpted bodies that they have been able to help build with their line of products.
We had a great time entertaining people at the booth in this bodybuilding expo and we loved every minute we spend there. The great thing is that the crowds also loved all the tricks that we performed, so this is without a doubt one of the most dynamic crowds that we have worked with and we can’t wait until the next bodybuilding event to take place.
We want to say thanks to GTnutrition for reaching out to us and allowing us to have the pleasure of entertaining all the people that stopped by their booth. This has been the kind of experience that reminds us of how many things we are able to do with our skills and how many different kinds of business ventures and market niches seem to be perfectly merged with the flair that we can provide to any event, party or expo.
If you are interesting in contacting us for your next event, we would love to help you turn it into an unforgettable experience. You can contact us through our website and we would love to answer any questions you might have about our services.

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  • Date September 21, 2015
  • Tags Events

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