Corporate meeting Las Vegas Hire Bartender

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Corporate meeting Las Vegas Hire Bartender

Las Vegas is known as the top destination for trade show in the world. According to Trade Show News Network, Las Vegas hosts 57 of the top 250 trade shows annually. This amount is more than the second and third place destinations combined. With over 6 million attendees coming to Las Vegas each year for trade shows there is no reason to miss the opportunity to have the best booth during a convention to help draw as many of those attendees to your booth as possible. Convention services are one of our most popular packages that our clients book. Our bartenders, mixologists and flair bartenders for hire are a perfect fit for any booth at a convention. When there are so many different companies representing their brand at a convention it can be hard to attract potential clients to get the conversation started in order to create the necessary business opportunities for the growth of a business. Offering cocktails, wine or beer made and or served by our world class flair bartenders and mixologists is a sure way to draw the attention of the crowd. Often times people will come up to the booth with our bartenders flipping bottles just for the free cocktail offered and will end up staying and mingling with the representatives working the booth and many times deals that would otherwise never have happened are made. Every little bit helps when it comes to getting deals done and offering adult beverages is a sure way to get people interested in what you are selling versus all the other booths and companies at the convention. We can provide bartenders and mixologists in all major cities across America and Canada. If you are on more of a budget we also offer traditional bartenders for $50 per hour who can make simple mixed drinks and pour wine and beer. Corporate meeting Las Vegas Hire Bartender

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  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags Events

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