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SlickBartender bartenders Danilo Oribe and Vladymyr Buryanov were part of an awesome tv Show the edge of America where they taught host Jeff how to become a flair bartender!edge of america tv show

Edge of America TV show

There are very few things that can test a person’s skills more than being on live TV. Our best bartender, Vladymyr Buryanov went to the TV show Edge of America and showed the host how to perform bartender tricks. It was a very fun time and we want to thank Jeff for inviting us over. We truly enjoy being able to go on live TV because this lows us to showcase our tricks and show people a sneak peek on what we are able to do.

Slick Bartender has become something that we care about and we want to keep improving day by day. We created this business with the idea of being able to make a living from bartending for all kinds of events and parties, but it has reached higher levels than we initially imagined.

We are always looking forward to being able to provide our clients with the best flair bartending available in the world and we look forward to being able to turn your parties and events into legendary moments that no one will ever forget. Being able to make a living doing something we love is priceless to us and providing top quality is essential.

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  • Date December 25, 2014
  • Tags Events

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