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The San Diego Spirits Festival

No one would ever consider the possibility that the flair bartending team at SlickBartender would miss one of the top cocktail and culinary festivals in the US. We just went there for the recent festival and we had a blast with the great people of San Diego. We have always been excited about the idea of working huge festivals because this allows us to show the world the kind of flair and awesome shows that we can create.

We had the pleasure of working at the Don Loco Tequila booth and it was an honor to serve drinks for their popular and prestigious brand. There is no question that the world of bartending has grown in popularity and the evolution of the bartender is incredibly skilled.

The festival was an awesome experience to say the least. The audience was great and we got to meet a lot of people who loved the flair that we showcased. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling like people love what you do and this makes all the practice and the hard work pay off.

We are planning to continue to visit these kinds of events and we will always be ready to give 100% when we perform to an audience. No matter how small or big your event we will always perform our best. Sand Diego has always been a very welcoming location for us. We are looking forward for next year and we know we will have a blast again!

Flair bartender san diego!

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  • Date August 24, 2015
  • Tags Events

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