Our show at Margaritaville

Pre concert pool party

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Our show at Margaritaville
The Slickbartender flair bartenders performed during Jimmy Buffet’s pre concert pool party during October 2014.margaritaville bartenders margaritaville flair bartenders
We have always been very proud of all the things that we have been able to accomplish as bartenders and all the parties and events that we have attended. When we performed during Jimmy Buffet’s pre-concert pool party, we knew that we had a very important audience in our hands and we made sure that everyone who attended the show was impressed and entertained by our skills.
We could never deny that one of the most important crowds for a group of bartenders is a crowd of people who love drinks and partying. This is usually the most demanding type of crowd because they have seen a lot of flair shows and they have also been in the presence of a large number of skilled bartenders.
We knew from the very first moment that we wanted to make sure that every single person in attendance was completely impressed by the flair and the level of accuracy that we displayed for this event as we do for all events regardless of how big or small they are. We would perform just as well for ten people as we would for thousands.
If you are interested in learning more about our services and rates, please do not hesitate to ask and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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  • Date November 18, 2014
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