Model Bartender for hire at the Hard Rock

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Model Bartender for hire at the Hard Rock
There is no doubt that Las Vegas is one of the best destinations in the world when it comes to vacation. But, this is not the only place that the city is known for. This is also a great place to hold your bachelor parties for. This is what SlickBartender and the people who hired them for model bartenders can prove you of! Add up a level of entertainment to make the night more fun. This includes hiring model bartenders. This is simply the perfect way to celebrate the event!
Just a few months back, SlickBartender and its top bartender, Blair, was chosen as the model bartender at a bachelorette party held at Hard Rock hotel. You can even view some of the photos of the event above to see just how the guests enjoyed his company. As always, Blair has provided himself of being the top bartender at SlickBartender. This is due to his entertaining, bartending skills and great personality.
Are you currently planning of organizing a bachelorette party to be held at Hard Rock hotel. Are you also looking for a model bartender for hire? No need to look anywhere else anymore! Blair is our superstar bartender who is always ready to level up the fun for your event.
Regardless of whether the bachelorette party is yours or for your dearest friend, ours is the best. Every woman out there deserves to enjoy an unforgettable time before starting a married life. This is a one of making your bachelorette party more memorable!
Holding the event at the Hard Rock hotel already guarantees you of spending a great time with your group. But, having a private bartender will make the night more fun and more memorable for everyone! Are you Interested? You can always contact SlickBartender for more information!

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  • Date March 17, 2015
  • Tags Events

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