Private party in Red Hill Country Club Los Angeles

Project Description

Private party in Red Hill Country Club Los Angeles

We have to say that performing and bartending at the Red Hill Country Club has been a great thing for us and we have really enjoyed it. There are all kinds of parties and vents held in many locations and we are constantly being invited in order to make sure that people can have a lot of fun when they approach the bar to get their drinks.

Some parties are wild, others are mellow and classy and we happen to believe that all parties have their own charm. This was a very nice and mellow event. One that made us feel completely welcome by the staff at the country club as well as the guests to this private party.

We feel that we have been able to learn a lot thanks to the wide variety of events and parties that we have been able to attend. We have performed our bartending skills for people of all ages and for parties and events that range from business and graduations, to expos and surprise parties.

Being involved in so many different kinds of events has allowed is to learn how to perform and how to work with different crowds depending on their age and the kind of event. This has given us the experience to be the ideal bartering team that you can hire regardless of the kind of event you have in mind.

Project Details

  • Date November 1, 2015
  • Tags Events

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