Help! I’m Hungover

Help! I’m Hungover

“A great night out can have many benefits, like stellar networking opportunities, attentive service, and a few specialty crafted cocktails. But after a night of imbibing with friends new and old, it can be a rude awakening to find you’re feeling less than your best the next day. Instead of spending the morning in the dark, try these tips from around the world for curing a hangover to ease your morning after the night before.

Full English Breakfast
There might be something to that greasy diner brunch you scarf down after a night on the town. In England the full English breakfast is widely accepted as the hangover cure of choice.

Shijimi Soup
Raw egg, miso soup and umeboshi (Japanese salt plums) combined may raise eyebrows of the hungover and uneasy. High in amino acids, in Japan this is consumed to soothe the liver.

If you’re already a caffeine drinker, depriving yourself of your traditional routine may only increase the headache of a hangover. Espresso is the cure for the caffeinated in Italy. Try a shot, how very European of you!

Pickle Shot
After a long night why not try another shot? In Russia, pickle juice would be your shooter of choice. The saltiness will restore electrolytes and get you back on your feet again.

Seafood Cocktail Salad (Vuelve a la vida)
The concept of a seafood salad may be enough to make your stomach turn even without a woozy feeling. However, the healing properties of this hangover cure from Mexico are real. The dish is both nutrient rich, and refuel worthy.”

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