Hire Bartenders for Halloween

Hire Bartenders for Halloween

October 31st, Halloween Day, is just round the corner, as are the parties, to some of which you’ll be invited or you may plan to throw one at your own place. You wouldn’t want it to be just another mundane affair, right? We, http://Slickbartender.com would recommend against the same.

So, leaving the trick or treat mischief for kids, its time you party our style. Halloween has always been about the themes, costumes and fun. Add to this to our 12 years experience we’ll bring along with flair bartenders and your party will rock n’ roll. You decide the theme and we’ll mix the drinks. It’s okay, even if you are busy and are short of time to sit and decide on a theme, we have sorted some classics avant-garde themes and ideas you can use so that this Halloween goes down for you as a happy ghostly affair.


We all have one. Admit it. And this theme never gets out of trend, believe us. You can dress up as your favorite superhero; maybe Superman and also have Batman, Robin, Green lantern, Iron man and every Marvel & DC superhero in attendance. Add to it our flair bartenders and the party will turn out to be the conclave to save the world from the evils of Loki and Joker.

2)All Dark and evil

Its always cool to shrug off the new and go old school. Go dark and evil by the book. Well that’s what Halloween is about. And what would you dress up as? Well you can always dress up as a vampire, Dracula, Dragon, Witch, Goblin, Zombies and what not. Our flair bartenders may offer you blood red martinis or anything which will quench your thirst. Or maybe the drinks could be on fire and anything that you might like.


Vegan or no vegan, its always cool to celebrate Halloween dressed up as your favorite animal. Or maybe the animal which sends chills down your spine. Our flair bartenders would be happy to make some liquid supper for you. So while you roam around in the jungle, our flair bartenders would make sure you have a drink in your claws.

4)TV show or movie

Dress up as Khaleesi or Jon snow from Game of thrones. Or live a day in the life of Joey or Charlie Sheen from Friends and Two and a half men. Or you can very well be Achilles from Troy or your favorite character from the idiot box or the Hollywood ramps. Our flair bartenders and their themed drinks would make sure you deliver your dialogues right.

These few ideas are just off our minds. Themes can be as creative and leap as vibrant as your imagination. And it’s always the best idea to mingle around in a party with glasses in your hand. Make a pitch & hire flair bartenders for your party and we’ll make sure to send the best for you.