Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to lock in our world-class flair bartenders and mixologists for your next holiday event or party.

Looking to ‘wow’ your guests and combine bartending with entertainment? Our flair bartenders deliver with drink mixing tricks and full-blown performances that leave guests slack-jawed with awe and coming back for more than just a refill. They know every trick in the book, and with an unparalleled flair for the dramatics and showmanship, guests will be enthralled.

For low-key events and corporate-style gatherings, our mixologists deliver the class and elegance you want for your holiday party. Exemplary manners and customer service couple with years of practice to ensure your guests get the experience of luxury bartending service every time they interact with our staff, whether they’re grabbing a beer or asking for a little-known cocktail.

With customer-service oriented booking staff and highly professional mixologists and bartenders, no matter which route you choose our planners always ensure that your booking goes off without a hitch and exactly as agreed.

This time of year is the best time to invest in a highly experienced mixologist for any event. Contact us today to learn more!