How much is ok to tip your bartender

How much is ok to tip your bartender

There are many rules of etiquette that we all try to follow in any location that we visit and it can be difficult to decide what kind of tip we are going to be giving to our bartender when we go out to drink. In this article we are going to give you few universal guidelines that will be perfect for you to follow when you tip your bartender when you go out.

Be patient for that first round

If you are new at a club, don’t be impatient when you are waiting for that first round to be served to you. You need to remember that there are locals who will always get priority service because they tip well and they have become friends with the bartender. There is sort of an unwritten rule that people waiting for their first round at a new bar should never be pushy. Keep your cool and say thanks and give a small tip when you get served. This will take you a long way with your bartender.

Always tip, even if just a dollar

This is the first and most important things to keep in consideration when you decide that you are going to be tipping your waiter. Even if you feel like you have only stayed for a little while and you ordered only one drink, always leave a tip. Never leave tips of less than one dollar as this would be considered a bit insulting by most bartenders.

Simple drinks or complex drinks

The simple drinks can be tipped with a dollar, but the complex ones should always be tipped with a little more. This is a good way to show your bartender your appreciation for the drinks that are being made for you. The higher you tips the more likely your bartender will remember you.

International rule

It really doesn’t matter where you are, you can always expect for bartenders to earn most of their income from the tips. Very few bartenders get to earn a high steady paycheck and they usually earn a low wage, bit they get plenty of tips if they have a good service. The international rule is that tipping is always welcome unless a restaurant, bar or nightclub states otherwise.

Be nice and get royal treatment

Even when people believe that they should be given a top service just because they go into a club, they are mistaken if they think this way. The only way to guarantee that you will get the best service is to be nice to those who are serving you drinks and waiting on your tables. Be kind and nice and don’t treat people like they should service you as if you are royalty. When you treat people with respect you get royal treatment without asking for it.

Always have cash ready to go

You should always have enough cash ready for the tips and if possible pay cash for all your drinks. Using your credit card to pay for rinks and tipping in cash is also acceptable, but try to have you cash ready as soon as the drinks get served to your table.


You need to remember that when it comes to bartending, you have to find a way to get your bartender to remember you. They serve so many drinks for so many people, that it can be difficult to remember the small tippers. One thing is for sure, even if you are not a high tipper, but you are respectful and patient, you will probably have a better chance at being served faster than the guy that tips well but acts like he owns the place.