How to create a virtual event ?

How to create a virtual event ?

Since this March I have worked more events than in 2018 and 2019 combined, without even leaving my house

In this video, I wanted to explain to you how you can start making money by doing virtual events

I will explain to you all details of how to do them and what you need to get started. So, no matter what skills you have if you want to start making virtual events this video is for you.


Okay, what is a virtual event??

It’s pretty much like a regular event, but online.


Now with zoom everything, feels like you are located right next to each other.


But actually, people who I teach are located thousands of mile away from my studio



You can be offering your services to the wedding, product launch, customer appreciation event even be part of the  global conference where more than 1000 people attending


And all this pretty much by using only a laptop and internet connection.

Well and your particular skill of course


In my case, I teach how to make bar quality cocktails right in your kitchen using minimum bar tools and quality ingredients.

Before you start promoting your services here are a few things that need to be taken care of


Set up

It doesn’t have to be fancy like my studio it actually could be done in the kitchen and it will look very real since most of your viewers will be trying to make a cocktail also in the kitchen

But what is important is to have proper light. Since I offer my services to a worldwide audience sometimes it could be 8 am or 9 pm so you don’t want to rely only on the daylight

And probably even more important than light is a fast internet connection. If you have slow internet or there is a chance to lose connection it might ruin the entire experience and most likely you won’t be working with that client or agency again.

It actually happened to me once in the middle of the event and I can’t even describe how stressful it was when there like 100 people were following my steps and  I disappeared.

What I did instead of taking my chances and connect to wifi again I switched to my 5G on the phone, finished the event, and threw away my modem.


Next on your checklist should be a camera

I used this laptop and if you have proper light this little camera should work good but to improve quality is always a good idea so you can download APP filmic pro and connect it using this adapter and broadcast thru iPhone or any other phone



Next is SOUND if you are not sitting directly in front of your laptop camera and like me have it a few feet away there might be an echo and poor quality sound.

I recommend using a rode mic or even better Wireless rode mic for perfect sound quality.

The last thing on your checklist is to put all necessary ingredients, tools, notes right in front of you. I always put extra so I don’t need to walk around and look for something while 50 people are excited and have to wait for you.


This set up will help your event go smooth and dynamic


Now since you have everything ready and set It’s also important to rehearse your routine and see  how long it will take you to do everything from beginning to  finish  before the actual event


Even if you are familiar with cocktails that need to be made don’t be like hey this usually takes 5 min and explanation will be 3 minutes there always will be questions and things go slower than during rehearsal so consider that you always will need a few extra minutes.


I always start my cocktail experience with a little introduction, show few cool tricks to get attendees excited.

Then we start making cocktails and I make sure to go super slow so everyone can follow my steps and along the way explain what kind of ingredients could be replaced, teaching techniques, mention fun facts about spirit or cocktail, garnish variations, and of course twists.


The event can go 20-45 minutes or maybe even an hour and if I have extra time I know that it’s fun to learn a couple of cool easy bar tricks and maybe show something really impressive at the end, maybe it’s a cocktail presentation or magic trick. Just to make sure it’s memorable, visual something that your guests will remember.

But the most important thing in a successful virtual event is to have an incredible time and make sure your guests are really enjoying it from beginning to end.

I noticed how the quality of events improving and I believe that this format will stay for a long time.


This is our new reality and no one can say  how long it will take until things will go back to normal so if you have the skill and ability to teach something that you are really good at you should start doing virtual events


I’m pretty sure you didn’t even know that the Airbnb platform now allows you to be booked for events.