How to Cure Hangover

How to Cure Hangover
Have you experienced waking up early in the morning feeling a headache that you cannot resist? You feel like there is something in your head that is defying you from getting up from bed. You may have a hangover.
Attending parties, gatherings and hangouts together with your friends are indeed fun and exciting. This is where you enjoy the moments together with your friends with the presence of excellent drinks served by the skilled and experienced bartenders. However, you cannot do away with the consequence that you will suffer the next morning you wake up with a hangover.
Having a hangover is common to those who drank the night before. It is a feeling that you really want to get rid of. You do not need to worry because there are still ways on how to cure your hangover. Some are as follows:
• You need to drink plenty of water during or after the night of excessive drinking.
Water can actually help, especially since the negative symptoms of the hangover is the dehydration of the body. Water can lessen the severity of your headaches, nausea, fatigue and confusion. Rehydrating is one of the best cures to get rid of your hangover.
• Drinking Sprite may also be your best cure or remedy.
Drinking or chugging on sweet or caffeine-free soda will definitely provide much comfort to your body during a hangover.
• Drink peppermint or Ginger tea.
This is best for curing your hangover that includes stomachaches and nausea. According to research, teas can help in reducing the motion sickness and nausea once used appropriately. The green tea is also proven to be very helpful to your liver and to stimulate the detoxification pathways.
• Use Asparagus.
Although spring vegetables might not be the food you crave after a night of drinking, the asparagus helps in protecting your body from booze. The amino acids found in asparagus improves the speed of breaking down the alcohol in human cells. It can help in preventing the long-term damage that comes from the alcohol’s toxic byproducts like hydrogen peroxide. This means that the asparagus is one of the best cures or remedy for your hangover.
• Eat Bananas and Pretzels.
Eating bananas and pretzels, which are both high in potassium and salt, can definitely help in curing your hangover. This is because the pretzels and banana prevent you from dehydration.
• Aspirin and Coffee.
The aspirin and coffee is proven to be one of the best combinations that actually work on your hangover. Although the coffee can dehydrate you, it is forcing your adrenaline up and that could definitely give you a false energy boost.
When taking any cure for hangover, it is best to seek the help of those who have enough knowledge or even who have experienced using it. This is to make sure that you will really get rid of your hangover instead of making it worse. Drinking at parties may indeed give you one of the best party experiences ever, but you must bear in mind that excessive drinking might cause a hangover that would definitely make your morning worse than ever.