The Bourbon Trail

Whether or not your palate favors bourbon, there are many reasons to love bourbon.  Reasons include the history that tells the tale of bourbon, the many wonderful cocktails to be enjoyed with bourbon as the base spirit as well as bourbon neat or on the rocks and my personal favorite, the association bourbon has with the beautiful state of Kentucky and its Bourbon Trail.


The Bourbon Trail should be visited by everyone in the cocktail and restaurant industry as well as everyone else who has a love for history.  Be sure to pick up a Bourbon Trail passport at your first stop.  As you visit each distillery get your passport stamped.  After you complete the entire trail and collect all your stamps you will receive a free t-shirt that is given only to those who visited every stop on the trail.  Only those who complete the trail can earn a t-shirt.  They will not sell them to anyone.


Be sure to plan enough time for yourself to visit the spots you want to visit.  The trail can not be completed quickly.  You need to have the time to drive the windy countryside roads right in the heart of Kentucky.  Most of the distillery’s seem to be off the beaten path so if you’re the type of person who is always in a rush be prepared to slow yourself down a bit and enjoy all the beauty Kentucky has to offer.  If you get restless just remember a tasting is included at the end of every tour and all the bourbon you could imagine is available for purchase.


If your with people who really want to enjoy themselves please don’t drink and drive.  There are plenty of tour services who will drive for you.  The Mint Julep tours is a fun tour which will take you along the entire bourbon trail while you drink on the bus.


Enjoy all the bourbon you can but be sure to be safe and take home wonderful memories of your trip around the bourbon trail.


Enjoy your trip to Kentucky!